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~ Spinning Fibers 2017 ~

Mad About Ewes is pleased to offer six different fleeces this year, all in the form of ready-to-spin roving. Our fleeces are processed by Gurdy Run Mill in Halifax, PA, and are washed in a biodegradable, eco-friendly wool wash, which contains no harsh scouring agents or chemicals.

All rovings are priced at $2.50 per ounce. If you live locally, you are welcome to choose your roving "in person" here at the farm, otherwise, I can mail it to you, with shipping charges added on.

The following fibers are available in varying amounts - please e-mail us for specific weights:

  • Remy - Our BIG friendly "moose", Remy is a Rambouillet/Columbia cross, and produces a lovely, soft fleece in a nice medium grey. Great for knitting "next to the skin" items.
  • Donovan - This guy is one of our resident sheep to shawl competitors, with LOTS of personality. A Lincoln/Corriedale/CVM cross, he produces a lovely spinning fleece in a medium grey, more suitable for outerwear or weaving.
  • Claire - This gal is a black Border Leicester/Finn/Corriedale cross, and produces a gorgeous jet black fleece - at least for now. Like most sheep, she is starting to lighten a bit with age, but we currently have her 2015 and 2016 fleeces available. Spins like a dream! Her 2017 fleece will contain small amounts of silver, which will translate into a slightly heathered yarn.
  • River/Zoe/Sage - we blended our two Shetland girls, River and Zoe, with our CVM, Sage, and the result is fantastic. A gorgeous "wet sand" colored moorit, this fleece is perfect for just about anything: hats, scarves, mittens, socks….the list goes on!
  • Sweet Pea - This lovely white Romney will make your jaw drop. Great for weaving and knitting too, our sheep to shawl team has used this fleece for competitions with terrific results, which translates into gorgeous drape.
  • Marigold - Another lovely white Romney fleece, we have also used Marigold for sheep to shawl competitions as well. Takes dye beautifully!


Farmer Shearing a Ewe

Carl has his work cut out for him with Remy!

(Click image for larger view)


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